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Emergency Locksmith Services

We aim to guard your residential and commercial properties with high security locking systems. The 24 hour locksmith services will serve as your companion for rekeying, replacing, or repairing your locks any time of the day. Westside Security specializes in addressing your lock problems in a speed. We cater emergency call outs, 20-minute estimated time of arrival (ETA,) and quality service serving through all of the New York’s 4 boroughs-- Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

Emergency locksmith situations can happen anytime. The hassle that lock problems create can frustrate you, consume most of your time, and could even put you and your family at risk. A 24/7 locksmith service is your one call away friend ready to respond quickly in such an unwanted situation. The most common lock fault accidents that we handle are:

Emergency lockout accidents- If you are locked out of your home, we attend to your locking concern efficiently for both of your residential and commercial properties. You’re supposed to go home but the ignition of your car suddenly stops working. You probably have searched locksmith near me, but couldn’t find a locksmith team with better reviews. Westside Security has been providing reputable locksmith that attend to your lock mishaps everyday of the week.

• Burglary accidents- If you want peace of mind while leaving your assets and properties either in your residential or commercial premises, reach us so we can inspect your lock status. Our locksmith brings complete equipment needed for repair if necessary. As locks have become modernized along time, burglars may also have upgraded their tools to break into houses and business establishments. Let us know and we’d cover it all for you.

• Security enhancement- Do you have business appointments that require you to leave your house for at least a week or two? Do you plan for a vacation by which your home and business property will be left unattended for a longer time? We provide intensive inspection to your locks all over your premise. Our locksmith can enhance your lock for additional safety and increased security. Make the best out of your time without worrying about your properties.

Manage Old and Outdated Locks

In most emergency cases, a worn lock can cause a lack of accessibility and ongoing problems including jams. It may be easy for burglars to bypass your lock and take away your assets and properties inside your premise. Our expert and experienced locksmiths address various lock repairs and new installations. This ensures the appropriate measures are applied to restore the safety of doors, garages and even car doors.

24-hour Emergency Technicians

With intricate measure and attention to the finest details, our emergency technicians focus on the best strategy for improving locks that do not work properly or complete lockouts. Our trained professionals further assist with safe lockouts. A modern and professional install of electric strikes assist with efficient and flexible access control solutions. Whatever your needs, with an expert locksmith NYC, emergencies are managed with quality and expert solutions. Call on Westside Security for all your locksmith emergency requirements.

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Located in the Big Apple, Westside Security is your leader in locksmith, security and door installations. The company focuses on improving and maintaining residential security, offering customers’ peace of mind their homes are provided the best quality product and the highest standard of workmanship.