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Access Control System: The Latest Door Lock Security

Westside Security is your leader in the complete install of access control systems. Servicing the greater part of New York, we deliver professional, reliable and efficient solutions to improve the safety in and around residential and commercial properties. Simply call Westside Security and learn of our modern and superior access control systems.

We offer an upgrade to your locks that lets you monitor your door traffic anywhere you go. It includes features that allow you to check entries through your mobile phone. 

Access Control Systems

An access control system has been the rising modern door security that most homeowners incorporate to their locks, whether at home or in the business property. It allows you to restrict and organize people from entering your premises. Your door is within access anywhere you go.

It works in ways that are easy and convenient. It functions by connecting scanning features and authorized operations on your mobile devices. In that way, you can monitor the ongoing door traffic that’s happening at home or at your business property. It doesn’t just give you easy access but it is also a lot safer.

For houses and establishments today, the keyless entry has been the popular modern means for both residential and commercial properties. It is less hassle with doubled security than ordinary locks at home.

Advantages of Using Access Control System

   ●  Provides high security- To provide extra protection that will serve as your lookout while doing more for your business, take all your lock worries and be safe by upgrading your lock with an access control security. It surpasses the ordinary lock problems and exceeds your usual lock control.

   ●  Provides high performance- An access control system takes your lock experience into the next level. It makes your closing and opening easy and only takes a matter of seconds to open it. It is keyless thus, you don’t have to bring a bunch of keys with you and lose track of which key is paired to your lock. Less time consuming and less work is required.

●  Maintenance-free- Are you sick of those promises that it won’t happen again? Your lock is replaced with a new cylinder a couple of times already yet the problem still persists. If this has been your struggle or a bit different but the maintenance cost comes alike, resorting to installing an access control system to any locks you have is such a timely decision to make.

●  Faster Authentication- The ordinary opening is by using a key to open a lock. Conforming into the modern trend, an access control system functions with a keyless lock. The opening is by a single card swipe, fingerprint scanning, and even face recognition.

●  Reduces Administrative Costs- Interestingly, an access control system helps you save expenses for having to pay for someone to watch over your home or business establishment. It lets you monitor your lock and you would know if someone opens it. Make as much time for yourself without worrying for your lock security.

●  Advanced Features- Some of the advanced features are preempted on the above descriptions. This includes but not limited to:

   ○  Fingerprint scanning
   ○  Face recognition
   ○  Swipe card
   ○  Connected to your mobile devices

Incorporating an access control system to your locks is such a wise decision. Consider thinking about the underlying possibilities. If technologies are now advanced, burglars may have wiser ways and strategies to invade your valuable properties. Take the initiative to invest in something beneficial for you. Live with full security while embracing the modern trend.

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