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Access Control

Westside Security is your leader in the complete install of access control systems. Servicing the greater part of New York, we deliver professional, reliable and efficient solutions to improve the safety in and around residential and commercial properties. Simply call Westside Security and learn of our modern and superior access control systems.

Reasons to Install Access Control

Access control has become a major security feature for many homes and businesses. While most commonly seen in commercial properties, these safety mechanisms aim to monitor ingoing and outgoing traffic. 

The technology is integrated for the smart home, mobile devices have become a part of access control allowing users to gain access by utilizing authorized operations and scanning features. It is not only more convenient than using keys to gain entry but is safer.
Advanced technology is incorporated into these features including fingerprint scanning, face recognition, and card reading functions. For homes and apartments, the availability of keyless entry has become popular and a modern means of keeping your living space secure

Advantages of Access Control

With assistance provided by the qualified locksmith NYC homes and businesses can utilize smart devices and data storage solutions to record access into a building. Keyless accessibility has become a modern solution. Electronic or magnetic locks are included to ensure the highest levels of security are delivered for the property.An expert locksmith will come to the home or the office to determine which form of access control is most suitable.

 Based on an assessment of security requirements and the operations of the building, we can advise on advanced intervention and safety features. The keyless system is highly beneficial for buildings where large volumes of traffic are present. The incorporation of modern systems ensures the best solutions are delivered and buildings provided the security needed to improve safety.

Investing in access control in New York will improve the value of your property, providing a modern and convenient approach to safety and security. Keyless entry fits within the Big Apple lifestyle allowing you to scan your card or use your mobile device to authorize access. No longer will you have to carry a bunch of keys around that easily get lost.

We offer a variety of key fobs that includes built-in authorization and keyless entry solutions.

Electric strikes are incorporated for the home and business.

Biometric entry is the most advanced access control. It involves the practice of authorization through a physiological process requiring advanced verification and identification. Westside Security is your trusted biometric installer.

Working with experts in the industry will provide the solutions you need to prevent unauthorized entry. Your trusted locksmith service in New York will advise on the correct types of products and which security system is best. We adopt a collaborative approach with each of our clients to ensure their specific security needs are properly addressed.

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