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Garage Doors Installation, Repairs and Replacements

Westside Security is your trusted installer, repair and replacement service for garage doors. We deliver automated garage door solutions and quality products to stand the test of time. A wide range of features are incorporated for the property ensuring that every garage is secure, functional and delivers the highest safety standards. Learn why you should call on our New York services for garage door requirements. We serve the 4 boroughs — Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors are part of properties often leading into homes or storage facilities. It is an initial access point for possible intruders. When doors are no longer functional, become jammed when opening or closing or no longer deliver on its automated features, it is time to call on the professionals.

Westside Security is your trusted garage door service provider. We have an expert team of professionals who are knowledgeable, experienced and skilled in addressing the issues associated with dysfunctional doors.

Do not hesitate to call us. We service New York City, homes and commercial properties. For any type of garage door that is showing signs of degrading or requires updating, our assistance is considered invaluable.

Garage doors with automated functionality open and close with remote access. We assist in the provision of synced remotes and inspect every component of garages to ensure it remains fully functional each time it is used. Unfortunately, over time most garage entrances will suffer damage. With our exceptional service delivery, you can have your old garage door removed and replaced or repaired with guaranteed service delivery. Not only can we assist with installs and repairs but we advise on the best quality products to incorporate for your home and your business.

If you need safety mechanisms installed for doors and gates including electric strikes or magnet locks, we can incorporate modern and secure solutions. When improving the safety of your residence or business, only invest in the best. We at Westside Security, understand commercial and residential needs like no other locksmith service. Providing assistance for New York, our expert team is qualified and highly professional in every job undertaking.

When garage doors are outdated or in need of repairs, you need to call on a service you can trust. Westside Security is experienced in replacing and repairing all types of garage doors at your convenience. We ensure automated and conventional garages operate safely and advise on security measures you can take to prevent break-ins and damages. Owing to the size and operation of garage doors, never attempt a DIY fixture. Always contact us and we will send an expert garage door repairman to address property requirements

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Located in the Big Apple, Westside Security is your leader in locksmith, security and door installations. The company focuses on improving and maintaining residential security, offering customers’ peace of mind their homes are provided the best quality product and the highest standard of workmanship.