Residential and Commercial Locksmith Services

Westside Security specializes in all locksmith requirements with efficiency, determination, and care. We handle everything from the install of new locks to repairs and upgrades. All products delivered by our technical team are guaranteed with lasting results and protection against general wear. We ensure only the most reliable and effective service solutions are delivered every time.

Trust in the products and services delivered by Westside Security and rest assured you are receiving only the most reliable and effective options for improved security. If your locks no longer work the way it should, it can seriously compromise your safety. Locks that become stuck when opening or closing can prove easy to break open. When locks need upgrading or replacing, calling on a reputable provider can make all the difference.

Our specialist services ensure our product selection, and technical assistance are of the highest standard in the industry. With the professional locksmith NY Communities are provided peace of mind every care is taken to achieve functional and safe outcomes.

An extensive list of professional locksmith services includes:

New Lock Installation – Westside Security offers the modern upgrade and replacement of locks for homes, businesses, storage facilities and various structures requiring safety and security. Peace of mind that your property is secured with the highest quality locks will reduce the vulnerability of the property and keep important assets safe.

Lock Repairs – Locks that no longer function properly can be repaired with the professional assistance of our qualified and experienced technicians. We determine the extent of damage and help you save on the cost of installing a new lock.

Rekeying – We provide lock rekeying services for residential and commercial purposes. Rekeying is a safety procedure that prevents the removal and replacement of a lock. It allows the technician to change the internal tumbler

Lock Upgrades – When locks become outdated and worn, there is increased risk of a break-in and ease of entry. We perform all types of lock upgrades for your safety and peace of mind.

Magnetic Locks – The maglock works with an electromagnetic operation. Such locks can hold forces of up to 1200 lbs. Such modern and secure additions have become the most advanced and sought-after security mechanism for doors including garages.

For all your locksmith requirements, call Westside Security. We deliver upgrades, removals, repairs, rekeying and more. Allow our fully trained and experienced professionals the chance to install modern locks and complete the secure changes needed to improve your residential, commercial and vehicle safety.