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Safes and Vaults

Your trusted and certified locksmith in the installation, repair and opening of safes

Westside Security is your top provider in all locksmith and safe requirements. We take pride in the delivery of certified service solutions to address all types of safes. From lost keys and inaccessibility to the replacement and installation of safes, call on our experienced and expert team to deliver on its safe promises. Safes and vaults are incorporated in the home and business to prevent unauthorized access into valuables from cash and jewelry to artwork and sentimental belongings. Providing services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx; contact our specialist locksmiths.

The Use of Safes and Vaults

Safes have become a popular installation for homes while vaults are typically associated with banks and large businesses.  Whether traditional or electronic, the safe is convenient, functional and highly secure for the property. Modern safes are built to last with many including fire resistant construction.

Being locked out of your safe, key jams or requiring an upgrade are common occurrences that are best addressed by your professional locksmith service. With the assistance of a qualified locksmith NYC communities can rest assured that every step is taken to inspect a problem safe and determine the best approach to restoring accessibility.

Services for Safes

Whether the older lock and key or dial safe or the modern fingerprint scanner including biometric technology, Westside Security delivers a high standard of service and efficiency. With our extensive experience in managing both conventional and digital locks and vaults, call on us as soon as any safe problems are noticed. We will deliver a highly reputable service and knowledgeable industry technicians for safe and vault issues.

If you have suffered a safe lockout contact us immediately. Our high standard of efficiency and secure measures will assess the nature of the lockout and determine the most effective techniques to restore access. Should your safe be outdated and showing signs of ongoing problems, it is important to have products replaced professionally.

When to Call Westside Security for Vault and Safe Requirements

Westside Security delivers safe lockout assistance and the installation of safes and vaults. For the home and the business, the correct install of such devices will ensure your most valuable goods are well protected against possible theft and fire damage. We will advise on the most suitable safes including the level of security it provides.

We repair and install all types of safes. If you can no longer access your safe, call on our certified technicians who can deliver the most impressive and efficient locksmith solutions.

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