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Efficient Commercial Locksmith New York Service

Any lock or security breach in a commercial property can seriously affect your business. When you’re suddenly locked out and can’t access your place of business. It can affect your operations. Or, if you have a defective lock, you may be vulnerable to break-ins.

Our commercial locksmith crew is the best for the job because we provide on-site services. Whether you need quick lockout assistance or are revamping your locks to install more secure ones, we are here to provide quality work.



Your On-Call Experts For Sudden Lockouts

There’s no reason to prolong the hassle of a commercial lockout. It wastes time, which ultimately wastes your company’s money. Our locksmiths are licensed and certified to unlock any high-security locks.

Waverly Lock & Security renders the best type of lockout assistance because we have the flexibility and updated arsenal of tools for the job. We provide on-site services for lockout solutions and lost key replacement. We can open the doors using bump keys or even drill the lock. We have the proper techniques to address any lockout solution situation without causing too much damage to your lock system.

Best Locksmith New York Service For Your Business

Our high-security locks and keyless entry installation work provide robust security while at the same time give the convenience that typical locks and keys are missing.

With more sophisticated security systems, you have the option to control who can enter the property, when they can do so, and what level of access they can have. There will be lower likelihood of unauthorized access, infringement, and other risks for your business.

We work with top brands, like Schalge, Mul-T- Lock, Yale, and more. You can rely on us at any time to arrange for a free consultation. We can customize your lock and key system with the latest security features on the market. If you are in New York feel free to get in touch.

Commercial Locksmith New York Access Control

While the traditional lock and key mechanisms have their place, businesses can benefit much more from access control systems. Access control involves giving specific individuals authorized entry into select parts of your property. With such a system, you can control who and when people come into a room. Instead of the usual lock and key, access control uses electronic signals to make keyless entry more accurate, more secure, and recordable.

There are some of the benefits of using access control for your commercial establishment:

Convenience. Keyless entry no longer requires you to fiddle with keys; no risk of losing or breaking the key inside the lock.

More Secure. Access control limits those authorized to enter the premises—no risk of duplicating keys, using a fake code, or getting unique biometric information. You can enjoy better security in your office or store.

Interoperable. Access control systems can be linked with other security features in your space, including CCTV, fire alarms, and more.

Event Recording. These high-security systems can record who has accessed the premises at the exact time and duration it occurred.

24-Hour Protection. Access control can secure your property at all times, all while giving you recorded evidence.

Access Control allows you to control who, when and where in your home or office they are allowed access. If your business has staff in shifts, has differing working hours, or has employee turnover that could void the employee’s access, these technologies will make things convenient for you. RFID, biometrics, PINs, and proximity cards enable you to protect your business seamlessly.

Choose Your Reliable Commercial Locksmith

Waverly Lock & Security is a reliable locksmith that can elevate your business security. We service commercial properties, such as hotels, offices, retail stores, and storage facilities in New York.

Trust our commercial locksmith New York team for your next commercial project. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to install locks, repair keys, do rekeying, and copy building. We can install access control systems, repair and troubleshoot any issue with your existing tech, and give the best recommendations for your property.

We operate genuinely, with no overselling and hidden fees. Whatever your business needs, that will be what is provided. Contact us today to get started.

Let Our Locksmith New York Company Serve You

Waverly Lock & Security is your reliable lock and safe service here in New York, NY. We can dispatch our safe locksmiths and locksmith professionals in 20 minutes or less with a phone call or a message. Our service representative can take scheduled and emergency locksmith requests with reasonable rates, warranty coverage, and insured solutions.  

If you are in New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester County, Nassau County, and Bergen County, you can call us for safe opening, rekeying, electronic lock repair, door bumping, and lock installations.

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